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Cyclo tour attracts many tourists in Vung Tau

Vung Tau is a tourist destination that attracts many visitors. Especially, when foreign tourists want to experience Ho Chi Minh City tour from Phu My Port. It is sured that anyone who has arrived in Vung Tau will also have to linger to learn about the beauty of this coastal city.

You will have an unforgettable experience in Vung Tau by the beautiful sights along with a typical tourist means of Vietnam, it is cyclo tour.


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How can Vung Tau cyclo tour attract tourists?

Coming to Vung Tau you will feel calm, comfortable with spacious roads, airy. Under is the blue sea, above are the mountains, small pure pagodas … All make up a Vung Tau full of power, a Vung Tau city not only gentle but also numerous names Famous Attractions.Travelers are still used to Vung Tau to change the wind of the weekend because the location is very close to HCM city. Vung Tau has many interesting tourist attractions for you to explore.


cyclo tour

Vung Tau cyclo tour will take you have wonderful experiences.

Firtly, cyclo tour will take you enjoy Vung Tau romantic beach. Vung Tau is a land out of the mainland, exposed to the sea, this geographic factor brings Vung Tau wide coast, gentle slope, the water so blue, is one of the most beautiful beach resort in Vietnam. You enjoy the blue sea, white sand and sunshine. It is not the scorching sun like other seas. There are subdued sunny in Vung Tau beach so the entertainment activities can be held continuously throughout the day.


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Secondly, cyclo tour together with you go to tourist destination about culture and history in Vung Tau is religious buildings and museums. Especially, all of  religious buildings in Vung Tau are solemn, religious architecture are combined together and temperate climate brings to visitors a restful feeling, relaxation, soul purification, help visitors to be themselves. If visitors are in Platform of Shakyamuni Buddha, they are amazed at the Shakyamuni statue meditating on a half-mountain ridge, while the Jesus Christ – 32 meter statue overlooks the sea that make visitors are full of admiration. One more destination impress visitors is also the Dinh Thang Tam Historic Site with unique architecture and activities. Nghinh Ong Thang Tam Vung Tau Festival – special cultural spirituality in this land. In addition, Linh Son ancient writing, Niet Ban Buddhist temple, Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva Pagoda is also destinations that make a flutter.


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Finally, let’s go with cyclo tour in journey to Hon Ba Ecotourism with waves crashing against the shore, white-water rapids, but at low tide the Mieu Ba are exposed on ragged rocks. Ho May Tourist Area with a natural strip of green color is designed a lot of new games for children, the crystal clear water lake that make sure that visitors will be fall in love with this land. Con Dao conquers visitors with green coconut whispered in the wind, the white sand like glass hold the gentle sea coast, gentle wave patted. The wild beauty of this place is considered a rare paradise in Vietnam.


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Vung Tau cyclo tour closed to make visitors remember about rich interesting emotions, it is the deposition to the religious works, the ecstatic standing in front of the beach, the exciting experience, funny activities in the ecotourism and finally getting back home is a refreshing and relaxing feeling to start a new working day with full power.

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