Cyclo Tour – A unique travel to Sai Gon

If you visit Saigon, try the slow travel with Saigoneses. You will be traveling on the street in a simple but interesting cyclo, a familiar vehicle of the Vietnamese people for a long time.

Cyclo TourCyclo Tour Sai Gon has attracted a lot of foreigners because it is neither noisy, nor causing environmental pollution. Tourists can enjoy comfortable feelings right in the midst of the crowded streets in noisy Saigon. They can sit on cyclos and admire the city landscape with fewer costs than other vehicles such as taxis or motorbikes.


Most foreign tourists prefer to sit on the cyclos to breathe the fresh air, admire the scenery, and learn customs and life around. On the road trip, if tourists see beautiful landscapes, they can stop to take pictures and then go on …


These “Cyclo Tour” trips cost much less than other means of transport but bring visitors new sensations and fun memories with the “Cyclo Tour“.

Join the “Cyclo Tour sai gon” you can explore many Saigon attractions.

Cyclo Tour sai gon

With Cyclo Tour to Saigon, visitors can visit the most classic and quaint sights you have never seen before.

Visitors can go to Ho Chi Minh City Post Office, which is considered as a symbol of Saigon. Next to it, there is the Notre Dame Cathedral, an ancient French architectural monument built during French Colonialism in Vietnam. Both are the best examples of the unique French architectural styles of the past.

Ho Chi Minh Post Office

The Reunification Palace, formerly known as the Presidential Palace. Although visitors do not go inside the palace, the guide will still provide visitors with basic information about it. In addition, visitors can take a photo in front of the palace. You will have extremely satisfactory photos because the scenery here is beautifully designed.

Independence Palace

With Cyclo Tour Sai Gon, visitors can visit the War Remnants Museum, which displays artifacts during the Vietnam Wars. In the yard of the museum, visitors will find some large artifacts such as F5A fighter and a UH1-Huey helicopter.

War Remnants Museum

Walking around Hai Ba Trung Street, You will see Tan Dinh Church which is totally painted in pink. Opposite the church, there is Tan Dinh Market, where visitors can visit or buy many favorable items.

Tan Dinh Church

With Cyclo Tour Sai Gon, visitors will be taken to the Ben Thanh Market- the symbol of Saigon, where there is a large clock tower. Guests will be free to go shopping or enjoy fine dining at Ben Thanh Market. Ben Thanh Market often sells delicious food until very late at night market; therefore visitors will be guided to pick up taxi to the hotel.

Ben Thanh Market

Why should you choose our Cyclo Tour Sai Gon?

Cyclo Tour Ho Chi Minh

Visiting Saigon on the cyclos will bring an interesting experience for tourists. Especially in the hustle and bustle life nowadays, being relaxed on the cyclos and slowly watching the streets as well as the passersby will give visitors a wonderful feeling.

Cyclo Tour

Cyclo tourism is a unique cultural feature in Vietnam, especially in Saigon. It is also an entertaining artistic entertainment. These are the moments with Cyclos that make a difference for your trip to Saigon.


Join us to experience your own special journey at Saigon without any tourist traps! We hope that after the tour with us, you will share the same passion for this lovely city as much as we do!

Cyclo Tour

A share of a female visitor about the Cyclo Tour: “I like your city at night. Less hot and so beautiful. Vietnamese people are laughable and friendly in the way they look at visitors like us. Your cyclo is also great. I was a bit scared when I got in the vehicle but was instructed by the driver and I gradually became accustomed. I hope to have another chance to come back and I will definitely introduce my friends to join this Cyclo Tour. Wonderful”.

Cyclo Tour

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