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Cyclo Tour – A unique travel to Sai Gon

If you visit Saigon, let’s try the slow travel with our private and customized cyclo tour. You will be traveling on the street on a traditional cyclo, a familiar vehicle of the Vietnamese people for a long time which has witnessed many ups and downs of Sai Gon. We only provide private tour and you can start anytime at your request.



From your pick-up point, join Xích Lô Tours for a fun cyclo ride across the undiscovered highlights of Saigon. ‘Xich lo’ or cyclo is a traditional transport in Saigon that is being left behind by sharp urbanization. Nowadays, it is a reminicence of the past. Hopping on your very own cyclos, you will be joining some 8 millions scooters of Saigon and get a premium 360 degree view of its traffic.

We offer you with different itineraries: an one hour ride through the city center and its historical landmarks such as the Opera House, Reunification Palace, Ben Thanh market, City Hall, Rex Hotel, Nguyen Hue street and Bitexco Tower. We will start from the Opera House and our drivers will drop you off at the Notre Dame Cathedral and Central Post Office. For this tour, we also offer free pick-up at your hotel in district 1.

Or an adventurous trip to the China town. Starting from Thien Hau pagoda in district 5, we take you to unvail some most exotic markets in this China town. From gold fish market to textile market to scooter market. It is a tradition for traders selling same things to stick together in one area. Seeing live chickens, fish, raw vegetables and fruits sold by the street will surely be a memorable take-away for you. Our drop off will be at Binh Tay market for your further trip.

A three hour itinerary will include both itineraries and the flower market or Thich Quang Duc memorial, a monk who sacrifice himself for religious freedom in Vietnam war. For this tour, we recommend you book a guide with us for a better understanding of local lives.

We only provide fixed price and private tour starting at your request, check out our details and pricing here or book your cyclo tour directly at Xich Lo Tours

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Cyclo Tour Sai Gon has attracted a lot of tourists, especially foreigners because it is neither noisy, nor causing environmental pollution. Come to cyclo tour, tourists can enjoy comfortable feelings right in the midst of the crowded streets in noisy Sai Gon. They can sit on cyclos and admire the city landscape with fewer costs than other vehicles such as taxis or motorbikes.

Most foreign tourists prefer to sit on the cyclos to admire the scenery, and learn about customs and life of people around Sai Gon. On the road trip, if tourists see beautiful landscapes, they can stop to take pictures anytime.

These “Cyclo Tour” trips cost much less than other means of transport but bring visitors new sensations and fun memories with the “Cyclo Tour“.

Join the “Cyclo Tour sai gon” you can explore many Saigon attractions.

Sai Gon’s core is still adorned with wide elegant boulevards and historic French colonial buildings. These destinations are located in District 1 and are a short leisurely distance from each other. Reunification Palace, Notre Dame Catheral, Remnants Museum or the famous parks of Sai Gon… Morover, like many of Vietnam’s smaller cities, the city boasts a multitude of restaurants serving typical Vietnamese dishes such as “phở” or rice vermicelli.

With Cyclo Tour to Saigon, we want to show you areas that you cannot visit by yourself.

Why should you choose our Cyclo Tour Sai Gon?

Sai Gon is one of the most prominent developed cities in Vietnam. A city is always growing, always busy both day and night. Every day, it welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. But do you know what makes Saigon stand out? How do you like to experience it? What will make your trip stand out and unforgettable? Visiting Saigon on the cyclos will bring an interesting experience for tourists. Especially in the hustle and bustle life nowadays, being relaxed on the cyclos and slowly watching the streets as well as the passersby will give visitors a wonderful feeling.


Cyclo tour is a unique cultural feature in Vietnam, especially in Sai Gon. It is also an entertaining artistic entertainment. These are the moments with cyclos that make a difference for your trip to Sai Gon. Cyclos will take you come and return to the right place, take you through the road conveniently. Moreover, it is easy to stop anywhere for you to check-in, take photos and visit. With the cyclos, you will feel the difference when things are not too pushy but all are very slow and gentle to help you enjoy better on the tour in Sai Gon.


Join us to experience your own special journey at Sai Gon without any tourist traps! We hope that after the tour with us, you will share the same passion for this lovely city as much as we do!

A share of a female visitor about the Cyclo Tour: “I like your city at night. Not as warm and so beautiful. Vietnamese people are friendly in the way they look at visitors like us. Your cyclo is also great. I was a bit scared when I got in the vehicle but was instructed by the driver and I gradually became accustomed. I hope to have another chance to come back and I will definitely introduce my friends to join this cyclo tour. Wonderful”.


Try a travel experience with cyclo tour. It will be memorable when you come to Sai Gon.

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