Hop onto our scooters for an adventurous night in Saigon! We will take you out of the tourist area of district 1 to enjoy Saigon’s mouthwatering cuisine. Every night, after an exhausting day of work, local Saigonese strip away the formality of the day and enjoy their evening with a simmering hot pot, or snail dish or two. As the sun sets, the city suddenly becomes livelier than ever! Its inhabitants sweep their laborious jobs behind them and join hands to celebrate the night

Put on your helmets and find yourself lost in the delightful ambience of the night! You will not only experience unique dishes (No, we are NOT talking about Pho or Banh Mi) but will also stroll around the residential areas and to see how local people live. Your 4 hour foodie pilgrimage will include four different chapters where you will indulge on epic mouthwatering dishes. Highlights would include chicken roasted to perfection with exquisitely crispy skin and ‘ốc’ (snails) prepared with Vietnamese candied bacon.

Price (for a private tour)
1 pax 2 pax 3 pax 4 pax 5 pax
Adult and children above 12 N/A $60/pax $60/pax $60/pax $60/pax
Children from 5 to 12 N/A $55/pax $55/pax $55/pax $55/pax
Children under 5 N/A Free of charge
Price (for a private tour)
Adult and children above 12 Children from 5 to 12 Children under 5
1 pax N/A N/A N/A
2 pax $60/pax $55 Free of charge
3 pax $60/pax $55
4 pax $60/pax $55
5 pax $60/pax $55

Tour Duration

From 6PM to around 10PM


  • All transportation including a 4 hour scooter ride for each person
  • Meals mention above plus a free drink
  • Bottled water
  • Professional local guide (English speaking)


  • Tipping
  • Travel insurance


Snatching scam is very bad in Saigon. Therefore it is recommended not using your phones or cameras on scooters. Our guide can assist you with that. Backpacks are OK but we suggest you to leave your shoulder bags or any loose bags at the hotel.
Xich Lo Tour
The foods we tasted were delicious and unique, and especially the last location where we ate the snails (delicious) was completely hidden from the main street. We never would have found this location on our own.

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